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Linking Number Question

Mandy asks…

i want to type into one word document and have it linked to a number of others, any tips?

i have a large group of word documents that require me to type in the same info a number of times. I could cut and paste but there must be an easier way to link the documents so it happens automatically?

scottparat answers:

This is for Office 2007 because that is what I have.

If you just want to link to other documents:
1. Lets say that you have two documents A.docx and B.docx and you want to be able to click something in A and go to B.
2. Hilight the text you want to use as the link.
3. In document A, click on the “Insert Tab”
4. Click the “Hyperlink” button
5. Choose the document you want to link to
6. Hit “Ok”
7. The hilighted text will show up as a link in blue with a line underneath it.

If you want to link to a specific point in another document (not just the document itself) the process above is similar, except:
1. In the target document, go to the section you want to link to. Say for example that B.docx has a title “Things I know about you” on page 22.
2. Hilight some text at the beginning of where you want to link to.
3. Click the “insert tab”
4. Click the “Bookmark Button”
5. Choose a name (one that means something) for the bookmark
6. Hit OK.
7. Return to the source document and follow the steps above.
8. Except, before hitting ok, click on the “Bookmark” button on the right side of the open dialog box.
9. Chose the book mark you just created, the one you want to link to.
10. Click OK.

Also note, that by using the “Target Frame” option you chan choose how the document you link to is opened. Either in a new window, or the existing window etc, kind of like web pages.

Also, note that in order to follow one of these hyperlinks, you have to hold the “Ctrl” key and then click.

*** Just for future reference, you posted this in the wrong section. Next time try “Computers & Internet > Software” which is where it belongs. You will get more responses faster that way, and you don’t make yourself look like an idiot either :) This section is for people writing and designing software, not using it.

Ken asks…

Linking a recipient name or delivery address to a Royal Mail tracking number?

I purchased an item online using PayPal. The seller is in the UK and I am in the US. He says the item shipped on the fourth of February, but it still has not arrived. As “proof” that it was shipped, he sent me a Royal Mail tracking number and a link to the Royal Mail tracking website, which tells me nothing except that the item was turned over to the United States postal service.

The problem I’m having with this is, looking at the tracking number and info I have no way of knowing for sure that the number he gave me is the one associated with my purchase. There’s no delivery information, no address, no recipient name or anything. Since tracking information ends as soon as an item reaches the US, he could have just given me any tracking number for any item he’d shipped to any US customer at around the same time I made my purchase. So how do I know he actually shipped the item to me? Or if he did, how do I know that the address was correct?

Does anyone know if there is a way to link a Royal Mail tracking number to a recipient name and delivery address?

Thanks in advance!

scottparat answers:

Royal Mail Postal Worker here – Sorry no there is no way to link a tracking number and either the sending or reciving address.

BTW I help runa site for RM posties and we are aware that since November 2010 there have been serious delays between the UK and USA – apparently something to do with Homeland security and new instructions as a result of the Photocopier Ink Plot.

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