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Linking Question

Donna asks…

What is kinetic linking and how is it achieved?

I always hear about boxers using ‘kinetic linking‘ to make their punches more powerful.

What is it and how can I do it?

scottparat answers:


look at this it explains it all.

Susan asks…

What is the linking verb in the following sentence?

I think life would be difficult in the 1800’s without modern technology.

What’s the linking verb, if there is one?

scottparat answers:

Would is s linking verb.It helps to form future in the past.

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Marketing Mix Question

Sandy asks… Is a charities consumer the person that donates to or the person it helps according to the marketing mix? According to the marketing mix model. scottparat answers: The consumer is the user of a good or service, therefore the consumer is the person that is helped by the charity, not the donator or […]

Best Internet Marketing Companies Question

Nancy asks… looking to start an internet marketing company, Please let me know the best IM comapanies in market? Thanks scottparat answers: Internet Marketing is one way of doing business over the internet. When you say doing business, you are trying to make a profit or income. The only difference is that, you are doing […]

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