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Linking Question

Sandra asks…

What are the steps linking the copper ore chalcosine to the alloy brass?

Science work on copper is confusing, and my homework states i have to “Draw a flow diagram showing the steps linking the copper ore chalcosine to the alloy brass” any help on what it is?

scottparat answers:

“Draw a flow diagram showing the steps linking the copper ore chalcosine to the alloy brass”

OK. Chalcosine + charcoal + heat —-> copper + CO2 + other products

Copper + zinc + heat ———->brass

Carol asks…

What are the best foot positions/angles on a snowboard for carving and linking turns?

This will be my 3rd season boarding. I do not fall anymore, I have good balance, and do the black diamonds with no issue. What I would like is to fine tune my skills in linking my turns and get into carving. I have a burton cruzer. What foot positions would be best to give me more control of the board and to do smooth turns and carving?

scottparat answers:

HI, I am also new to carving but not snowboarding ( been riding since 88 ) I went to hard plate bindings and hard boots ( similar to ski boots ) this year and the difference is night & day.

1) hard boots and hard plate bindings give instantaneous feedback and input into the board & initiating turns, 2) hard boots & plate bindings bring your boot-foot up higher so “boot out” is no problem at all. Even up to 85%+ tilt in a hard over carve turn.

As for boot angels , go shallower / lowing in degree number than a freestyle set up number, also go with the lowest number in the lead / front foot and less in the back / rear foot., stay away from parallel even numbers front & back, also the hard plate bindings have a Cant & Tilt feature that soft binding don’t have.

A long ( 175 or longer ) alpine carve board is much faster compared to a park shorty board.

Carve boards need “speed” to realy hook up, but once you get speed it is a matter of practice & experimentation

You can 1st buy used old school “bail” style bindings for $20 to $75 , older clean hard boots for $40 to $80 & an older alpine board for $80 to $150.

Ebay search “Alpine” “Carve” in the sporting goods > Winter sports. Snowboarding section of Ebay.

Lastly go to www. the wolrds largest carving community all the info you need is a Bomber On Line


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