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Linking Twitter To Facebook Question

Donald asks…

How can I put a link to my Facebook/Twitter in my about me box on tumblr?

On my blog I have a page that tells a bit about me, and I want to post the links to my twitter and Facebook. Do I need to code the links or is there a place I can link them?

scottparat answers:

Go to Customize and click ‘Info’ copy:


Basically change the bit where i wrote WEBSITE to the address and whatyouwanttonameit with a title like ‘Facebook’


Laura asks…

People have links to their facebook and twitter on their website in the form of a button – how do I do it?

I’d like to link my Facebook and Twitter, and other websites to my blog in the form of a button.. how do I do this? Is there a basic html with which you can add your own links to, to create said buttons?
Thank you in advance!

scottparat answers:


Or if you prefer to go to the official sites

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