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Linking Twitter To Facebook Question

Robert asks…

Twitter and facebook linking help?

Why cant i link my facebook to twitter? everytime i try to, it says its linked but it really hasn’t because nwhen i go on the twitter ap , it just asks me to sign in AGAIN! And its done this so many times… i deleted my history caches and cookies but nothings working, i revoked access on both accounts and nothings worked… :( PLEASE HELP!

scottparat answers:

Right ok!
But did you click the “allow cookies” by mistake because that will cause you problems which you are experiencing right now – re-check! And make sure you didn’t accidently do that!!!

Sharon asks…

How to link facebook and twitter account?

Im trying to get more active on twitter and gain more followers how do you like your facebook and twitter accounts together Follow me on

scottparat answers:

A quick google search yielded several results, try these out.

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