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Linking Verbs List Question

Nancy asks…

Looking for a precise verbs list.?

Looking for a word file with tons of precise verbs that could help me do good in narrative writing.
Did some googling and the best link I could hook up with is this >>
Problem is, the file is uploaded several years ago and it now appears to be corrupted. If not, my Mac is simply willful in opening it.

So I am looking for a new verb list, hopefully in the thousands.
Can anybody help me with it?

scottparat answers:

First of all, you want to do WELL in narrative writing!

Second, why do you need a list of verbs? Just use verbs that communicate what action is occurring. If you need help with ideas, read more.

Donna asks…

I need to know 18 linking verbs.?

I need to know it now. List them please.

scottparat answers:

Appear -John appeared happy when the company promoted him.

Am- I am unhappy.

Be -The graduate students are in Classroom South, Room 106.

Feel -She felt really happy with the new baby.

Lie -The pieces lay scattered over the floor.

Look -This person looks really tired.

Remain -Everybody remained silent for a few minutes.

Seem -This secretary seems (to be) very efficient.

Smell -That perfume smelled so fresh.

Sound -She sounded very surprised when she heard the news.

Stay -Everybody stayed calm when the fire alarm went off.

Taste -This grapefruit tastes very bitter.

Become -He became a successful business man.
Get -She got upset with her students.

Grow -The professor grew unhappy because the students
were not listening well.

Fall -My brother fell in love at the party.

Prove -The new secretary proved (to be) very friendly.

Run -The children ran wild.

Turn -The milk turned sour.

I hope I helped!

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