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Linking Words Question

Laura asks…

linking words for the word eukaryote and prokaryote?

scottparat answers:

Prokaryotes are single celled organisms such as bacteria lack nuclei, organelles and a cytoskeleton. The DNA forms a loop instead of being in a nucleus, they have infoldings in the plasma mebrane and as they have no cytoskeleton, lack mitosis and so divide by fission after reproducing their DNA
Eukaryotes have membrane enclosed organelles such as mitochondria, Gogli aparatus and a nucleus which contains the DNA among others as well as a fexible cell surface.

Lisa asks…

PLEASE HELP GCSE! Could someone give me linking words in spanish?

Such as although, therefore, one one hand, on the other hand, etc?

scottparat answers:

This link shows a large number. Http://

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Keyword Research Tips Question

Nancy asks… who can help me with my internet marketing? Hi all, To start with I am a newbiee to the marketing world. I have a small knowlage of httml. I have read alot of stuff about PPC and SEO. I have learned that the large amount of money I have saved in the bank […]

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