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Linking Words Question

Richard asks…

What should be the linking verb of two words joined by “and”? Plural or singular?


Can you tell me if the following sentences/phrases below are correct?


a. Egg and sandwiches “are” my favorites.
b. The dog and cat “are” playing.
c. Anna and Kat “are” best of friends.

scottparat answers:

They’re all fine, although I wouldn’t use singular ‘egg’ and plural ‘sandwiches’ in the first example.
That’s just my preference.
By the way, example c should read ‘Anna and Kat are the best of friends’ or ‘Anna and Kat are best friends’

Steven asks…

Why are some linked words blue and others not?

I am setting up a website and wondering what I can do to make all my linked words stand out in blue. Thanks for any help.
I’m using freeservers

scottparat answers:

Do you have your CSS file?

In the CSS file, put:

p a {
color: blue;
text-decoration: underline;
p a:hover {
color: blue;
text-decoration: none;

(Make sure the linked words are within


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