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Make Money Online Fast Question

Donald asks…

What is a good way to make money online fast?

I need money fast at least anywhere from 125-300.
Right now

scottparat answers:

It takes time and detemination to make money online.
None of the resources given here will give you fast money

Nancy asks…

How do you make paypal money fast online?

i want to make FAST money for paypal online. I got money from sites like and, but want different sites that pay fast. It can be for anything really. THe only 3 things i do not want to have to input is: A credit card, phone number, or home address. I am fine with email, name, etc. though. Are there any good ones out there?

scottparat answers:

Freelance Writing: What freelance writing is, is (if you are wondering what it has to do with making money online) writing articles, essays, reviews, etc. (but mostly articles). There are plenty of websites out there where you can submit your articles and get money for them. Many websites will let you earn passive income, which means that you get a percentage of the money they get from ad revenue (the money they get from people clicking ads that are on your article’s page). There are also websites where you can be paid upfront for your article.

GPT sites: Over the internet, I think it’s safe to say that there are millions and millions of GPT sites (“Get Paid To”). A GPT site is almost always a site with a bunch of listed offers you are paid to complete. Really, the magic of GPT sites is that everyone wins – the website gets visitors, the GPT site gets money from the website, and they give part of it to you! Some GPT site offers, you have to pay for. I try to avoid those, though there are two reasons for which I would complete a paid offer (that you are paid to complete):
1. The GPT site gives you more than you had to pay for completing it. For instance, you are paid ten dollars to buy a two dollar necklace.
2. You actually would complete it anyway. For instance, if you wanted to buy an account on Netflix, why not get paid for doing so?

Otherwise, don’t. Ever. I never have.

Look at my source links for more info.

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