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Make Money Online Free Question

Linda asks…

How Do i make money online for free?

Im only 17 and i want to make a couple of bucks online im not talking about like alot of money just a couple dollars is all. But i cant seem to find a way to do so, can anyone tell me how to make money online for free?

scottparat answers:

There are a number of online opportunities such as which is a freelance website where users charge for services such as programming, customer services or article writing and lots more if there is something you are good at and can do part time why not get paid for it.

Another site I found to be pretty useful for cash flow generation is -It offers a gaming service for prizes but has a network marketing tool built in which allows members to earn a reoccurring income from their invites so the bigger you grow your network the more you earn over a period of time- For example I have 110 members (that I invited) who are all regularly using the website and each month I earn around $180 +/- without doing a thing.

I hope that helps

Lisa asks…

Make money online free and save it on my credit card ?

I dont want alertpay, i want that the money i earn from referrals or ads to go on my credit card (no pay pal) any site or how can i transfer money from alert pay to my credit card if possible?

scottparat answers:

The best program is through friendfinder, they will pay you with checks or credit your earnings to a debit card. There are no fees or up front investments, its free to become an affiliate. You can track your stats in real time and they pay you $1.00 for everybody who signs up for a FREE account and even more for each person that pays for an account. You cant beat that. The link to sign up is

I make over $1000 a month and not that I’m all set up, I only put a few hours a month into it, you can make allot more if you put more time into it. And, they dont make you pay anything up front.

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