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Make Money Online Question

Susan asks…

How To transfer money online from my bank account in England to another bank account in Spain?

To transfer money online from my bank account in England to another bank account in Spain to pay a bill is just necessary the Spanish number account and the bank will detect that is to Spain?I dont take the risk the money will end in another account?

scottparat answers:

Basically it all depends on Who you bank with in the UK and Who you bank with in Spain. Costs, charges, exchange rates and commissions will all apply here and can vary greatly between Banks

Linda asks…

What is a good site to make money online with?

I am the type of kid that always likes to make a few extra bucks. I have seen Treasure Trooper, but I want a different site. I don’t want just survey sites, I want to know some other tools to make money online with. Please give me any suggestions!

scottparat answers:

Making money online is not something that you can just pick up. There is a substantial learning curve if you try to do it on your own. Joining an existing company with tutorials can make it a lot easier for you to succeed.

There are a lot of Internet Marketers online that will sell you a load of crap all the while promising that this is the one. The program that will make you a millionaire in no time flat. If you do buy into it, chances are very good that your screwed because the vital information that you need to succeed online has been omitted or, now you need to buy this in order to make that (which you just paid an arm and a leg for) work.

I’m not saying that all of them are like that but through my own personal experience 99% of them are.

The problem is too many of these so called “Internet Gurus” rely on the gullibility of their customers and can sell them anything and often do. You see, they figured it out “cracked the code” as they say and now they are living proof that you can make money online just like them.

I want to tell you that you can make money online because anything is possible. Sure, it’s going to take some work and there will be a learning curve but it can be done.

If you want to make money online, I suggest the website below. Good luck in your new online ventures.

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