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Make Money Online Surveys Question

Sandra asks…

How can I make money online? Surveys, Secret Shopping?

Want to make a little extra cash. I’m in college and can use the money for books, supplies…
Do those surveys actually pay? Are they worth it?
What about secret shoppers? (I love to shop. LOL.)
What are some legit websites?

scottparat answers:

I was doing hard work of finding home based/ online jobs. Luckily I found this website: They gave me list of top companies. I clicked and find many jobs. Did one job and received my pay yesterday. Best place for home based jobs.

Susan asks…

How to make money from online surveys etc?

Ive just been made redundant and i have a lot of free time on my hands. Can you make money from answering surveys or is it a load of crap? Ive tried a few sites but its pointless redirecting, giving your name and adress over n over again……Is this just a myth and a stunt?

scottparat answers:

I’ve visited and participated in various sites where people can make money and was most annoyed by how many of them used “employees” as spam mules. For example, Cash Crate requires its people to pass out their email addresses like they’re candy, and though people might make a couple of dollars here and there for their efforts, no one compensates them for the amount of spam their email (or alternately managed email) address receives.

If you’d like to read a list of options which includes spam-free sites like DeviantArt, Zenfolio, eHow, and so many others, please click on the link below.

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