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Make Money Online Today Question

Maria asks…

How and where a teenager can make money using Web/Computer these days?

How a teenager can make money using Web/Computer these days?

When I was a teenager, I made enough money to buy my favorite toys by delivering newspapers. I saw some teenagers today make money by helping their neighbors mow the lawn, baby-sit, etc. With the widespread use of Web, I believe that more windows are opened for teenagers to make money online.

What are such sources or Web sites you know of? Please share. Maybe next time my son bugs me for a new iPhone, I could point him to such Web sites…


scottparat answers:

It will take a parent to set up the account because kids aren’t suppose to. My mom was desperately seeking a kid to sell her plates for her on ebay. It requires taking photos, knowing how to alter them, writing up the ad and posting it all. It might take a paypal account, too. Takes some time but a good commision can be earned. The teenager that did it for her got almost 500 bucks over a summer. Then he was overwhelmed by similar requests from seniors who didn’t know how to handle to technology. Good Luck!

Linda asks…

How to make money online?? I see this question and least once a day..?

Flixya is a video sharing community where users can share videos from youtube, google video, daily motion, and other video sharing sites. Unlike many of the larger video sharing sites, we believe in giving back to our members. Flixya offers a revenue sharing program (requires Google Adsense
account) and a rewards program where users can win cool prizes. In addition, Flixya has a unique charity feature, which gives back to the community.

You can make a few dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a month. It depends on the videos you submit, how many people watch them, and if those people are clicking on your ads. It takes a while to build, though. This website has only been up since late July, so it will take a few months to get the real traffic coming in. Remember, you must have an AdSense Publisher ID in your profile to participate in the revenue sharing program.

Sign up today-

scottparat answers:

Hi i have been working with this company for a while now they provide wholesale lists for electronics anywhere from apply ipods mp4 players car dvd players ig screen tv’s for 300$ USD 42 inch they let me know where to get those products now i advertise them on ebay and sell them i make a minimum of 500$ dollars a day selling these products on the side they have really helped me out and showed me a whole other way of doing business the easy way. I suggest you give it a try its not hard to learn i did it and plus i still have a full time regular job also i do this on the side because you dont need to spend much time to make a decent amount of cash. Hey give it a try i have tried many online business’s and his one only worked for me. This is th oly real one far as iam concerned iam never gonna stop doing this lol . OH yea here is the site opps i almost forgot , i hope this works for you have a nice day

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