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Marketing Strategies Question

Thomas asks…

What are some marketing strategies that helps to increase the market share of the company? One of them is…?

to buy small companies then consolidated them. Others like playing monopoly game, to monopolize the market. What are the names of these strategies called? Can someone think of somemore? Thanks!

scottparat answers:

The most common used call USP. It stands for unique sales proposition. There are off-line marketing and on-line marketing. Direct mail order marketing and telephone markeing and so on. I hope it helps.
Good luck from

Richard asks…

Need help for developing marketing strategies?

I have been made the marketing manager of a software firm. But i have no experience in software marketing. What strategies can I implement for marketing of the firm?

scottparat answers:

Direct marketing (also called relationship marketng or targeted marketing) is 1. The most practical; 2. The most productive,3. The most cost-efficient marketing tool you can use. You might want to check out this blog [] for a slew of useful marketing strategies you can adapt to your needs.

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