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Microblogging Question

Daniel asks…

What’s the largest microblogging site for English users?

What’s the largest microblogging site for English users?

myspace is like the largest personal space, how about for microblogging, which one is the biggest? thanks.

scottparat answers:


John asks…

So what do you think of Twitter on your opinion, based on Microblogging?

You focus on where you are currently positioned within the social media ecosystem. At the end of this, you will have a chance to get 10 points, this point will become important to you when you compare the great answer/information that you already knew as knowledge when you begin developing a social media strategy for your thought.

So what do you think of Twitter on your opinion, based on Microblogging?

10 points provided if you answer my question.
Thank you so much, God bless you!

scottparat answers:

It is highly available and the mobile applications are simple. Because of it’s simplicity, I personally think it’s great.
I like the short, succinct messages that make the point come across without added marketing jargon. That said, I don’t like the amount of spam that has proliferated the Twitter user base in recent months. It was really only a matter of time.

It’s an exceptional tool to stay in touch with your clients or friends, but it will most likely run it’s course. Most companies, in my opinion, will realize that they are better off spending their efforts on web “real estate” that they actually own (their own site) and not somebody else.

Just my take,


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