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Microblogging Question

James asks…

How microblogging differs from normal blogging?

scottparat answers:

A microblog has a very unique atmosphere. It has to be precise, it is usually followed by a large number of people on a general network, and they can t choose not to have your post appear without completely deleting you from their lists. That means not only do your posts have to be short they have to have some meaning. While the most common prompt for a microblog is what are you doing? Responding with eating lunch is not a very useful way to take part and engage conversations. Post insightful thoughts, links to interesting sites, even pictures via links from network specific picture hosts or outside image hosts.

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Thomas asks…

What are some Pro’s and Con’s of microblogging?

What are some options supporting and opposing the validity of micro blogging (pro-con)

scottparat answers:

The opposit of macroblogging.

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Marketing Mix Question

Betty asks… How about Nokia Market Segmentation,Targeting and their Marketing mix strategy? Can you please tell me how about Nokia Market Segmentation,Targeting and their Marketing mix strategy (Product,price,place and promotion) for mobile phones? scottparat answers: I think they have different approaches for different segments. For example in India they target cheap models at lower pricess, […]

Weaving Flash With Dreamweaver

In the field of web designing, it is only the creativity and the right tool or application used for that purpose that counts. The competition between web designers has grown fiercely, so does the competition among the creators of software that aid web designers in their work. At present, there are several companies offering software […]

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