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Microblogging Sites Question

Paul asks…

Were the Conservatives right to use a song this week by an artist who will not vote for them?

‘The pop band Keane said they were “horrified” today to learn that one of their songs had been used as part of the soundtrack to the Conservative party’s election manifesto launch. Richard Hughes, the group’s drummer, wrote on Twitter that the Tories had not asked the band’s permission to use their 2004 hit Everybody’s Changing. He told his 2,000 followers on the microblogging site that he would not be voting for the party.’

scottparat answers:

Completely wrong.

If the Conservatives want us all to use our hidden talents and devote our energies to the common good – surely they could have dredged up enough creativity in the party to have recorded one themselves, setting us an example in resourcefulness.

Ken asks…

I’m bored with the Internet – any suggestions?

There’s nothing I find interesting about the Internet anymore. I am so over the various present crazes of “Web 2.0″ including but not limited to social networking, blogging (in all forms – traditional, vlogging or microblogging), video sharing sites, wikis, instant messaging, forums, and so forth.

Now I might be a hard person to please – but is there anything interesting on the World World Wide that I should try out (keeping in mind I want to steer clear of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia etc – and for that matter any pr0n)??

scottparat answers:


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