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Microblogging Sites Question

Mary asks…

What is the difference between blogs and status updates?

Like in fb we update status and generally put some quote or something interesting in our mind as status updates (& most expect likes and comments :P)

While in twitter its microblogging but usually ppl on twitter don’t put stupid copied quotes like fb, but they update news or put links..
There are also bigger blogs and many sites like is for blogs

One more question – Twitter as such is called microblogging site but it is also called social networking site. So whats difference between microblogging and social networking

scottparat answers:

A status update is just to let subscribers or friends or family know where you are or what your doing. A blog is to inform people on updates on things by you or others, or recommendations for such as a book or movie. Blogs are also used to talk about something else that means something to you (Ex: A flooding in a river or your cat doing something cool)

Thomas asks…

Websites going black to protest anti-piracy bills in Congress, What happens if this bill goes through?,0,5284397.story

In the first strike of its kind, hundreds of popular Internet sites such as Wikipedia are to temporarily shut down Wednesday to protest anti-piracy bills they say essentially amount to censorship.

What would the world be like without the Internet? Fire up your browser and see what you can’t do.

In the first strike of its kind, hundreds of popular sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit and Boing Boing were scheduled to temporarily shut down Wednesday to protest a pair of anti-piracy bills that they say essentially amount to censorship of the Internet.

The prospect of a day without the websites set off a frenzy in the hours leading up to the strike, which was slated to begin Tuesday night, with parents urging their children to do their homework early and tech-savvy users posting instructions for how to access cached Wikipedia pages during the blackout.

“If Wikipedia is going down, I’m going down with it,” wrote Twitter user Mariellesmind, who was among thousands that filled the microblogging site with panicked, profanity-filled tweets.

“Terrified about the Wikipedia outage,” tweeted Los Angeles resident Chandra Moore. “I was told to use an encyclopedia if I have a question, but I won’t even be able to Wiki what one is.”

The Internet’s biggest power players, including Google, Facebook and YouTube, were planning to stay up and running, but the shutdown of the other sites and the ensuing anxiety underscored the breadth and influence of the world’s Internet companies, as well as Americans’ dependence on them.

( More story on link )

scottparat answers:

I’m not sure that pragmatically, the government can actually enforce it. These companies would have to hire massive numbers of moderators to scan for copyright violations. Not practical. So in practice, every site would just be deluged with fines, and many would go down. I doubt that’s politically acceptable so DOJ would probably just pick a couple at a time to make examples of, and then let the law linger.

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