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Php List Review Question

Chris asks…

What is the website where groupies review Rock Stars preformance in the bedroom?

I remember the website had a long list of musicians, and had reviews of their sexual preformance. Anybody know what website it is?

scottparat answers:

I found one but I don’t know if it’s accurate or not!


Jenny asks…

How do I reference a chapter in a book according to apa guidelines?

I have to write my reference list for my literature review paper for my social work class. I’m referring to my apa publication manual 6th edition for the answer. I don’t understand what In A. Editor, B. Editor, & C. Editor(Eds.) means which comes after the title of the book. I’m referring to the example in the apa manual on page 202. I’m trying to cite a chapter within a book and I can’t find the A. Editor in the book. Can someone please explain what this is?

scottparat answers:

It means list the name of each editor.
Smith, C., Jones, T. (Eds.)

You can go to and type in everything and it will format for you. Or you can look at examples at the Purdue website, which is also good. Http://

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