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Php Mailing List Review Question

Maria asks…

How do i stop spam mail from my hushmail account?

i get spam mail everyday in my hushmail account, but there are no options on stopping them. hell i could use my yahoo account and they have a spam folder and its free.

scottparat answers:


To help limit the amount of spam you receive in your Hushmail Inbox, click on the “Spam Control” button at the top of the screen in your webmail account.

There are a number of options on the Spam Control page to help control the spam in your account.

I find that it is most effective to use the following settings:

1) Email that is likely to be Spam will be marked as such in the Subject line: “Use my Allow & Block List settings for these emails”

2) Email that is likely to be a false “Undeliverable” bounce should be deleted: Checked

3) Add recipient email addresses to my Allow List when I send email: Checked

4) Send a “challenge-response” message when I receive email in my Pending folder: Unchecked

5) When I receive unencrypted email from someone who is not on my Allow List: Put it in my Pending folder

6) When I receive encrypted email from someone who is not on my Allow List: Put it in my Inbox

If you set up your Spam Control this way, be sure to check your Pending folder fairly regularly. I’ve been doing it this way for years and found that it works quite well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team at

You can also review the help documentation for Hushmail’s Spam Control page at:

Hope this helps!


Ken asks…

How does one send their script to the networks?

I have a script that I believe will be excellent on television. Please anyone I am looking for e-mail info for networks such as ABC, NBC, or CBS. Please answer this soon.

If you want the script just put your e-mail in the description. I will send it, as long as you do not copy anything from it and you give me advise via an e-mail.

scottparat answers:

None of the usa networks Accept “unsolicited ” scripts due to Legal issues

you need an Agent to get you in the door—————

From the ABC website ( FAQ)

16.What are ABC’s guidelines for unsolicited submissions of story ideas or concepts?

Unfortunately, ABC and The Walt Disney Company’s long-established policy does not allow the network to accept for review or consideration any ideas, suggestions, or creative materials not solicited by us or our subsidiaries. Our intention is to avoid misunderstandings when projects are created internally which might be similar to submissions made to us from outside the company. We think you’ll agree that this policy is in everyone’s best interest.


From the Fox website

I have written a script for my favorite FOX show. Where can I send it?
(this answer is the same for scripted (aka Comedy or Drama) AS WELL AS reality shows AS WELL AS ideas) – Keep on writing…..the more you write the better you will get !!


Do not send in scripts or ideas to FOX or to the show unless it is through an ACCREDITED AGENT. ALL unsolicited ideas and scripts are left unopened and are THROWN AWAY. This is for YOUR protection.

You can get a list of agents who are willing to look at new writers from the Writers Guild of America West (located in LA – do a websearch).


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