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Donald asks…

How did WW1 and new Technologies account for prosperity in the 1920s?

I just need a clear cut reason for both! No long articles please. I mean a paragraph is fine, but not 3 pages!

scottparat answers:

New technologies: -Pesticides and Gases
-New Medicines/ Medical practices
-fertilisers were develped during ww1 which were used to greatly increase farming yields in America

WW1: -Increased demand for goods boosted industry,
-Opened female market as men were off fighting
-Land devastated in Europe so increased food market for exportation
-the fighting took the attention of the european powers away from their colonies, so America had the chance to exploit new markets in africa and india
-european powers needed masssive amounts of raw materials to manufacture more ammunition and tanks which america also exploited by opening up more mines and exporting iron/ steel to europe

Joseph asks…

Lets say I was rather good at picking stock options. How would I go about selling a monthly newsletter?

I had a subscription to a weekly options trading newsletter that costed over $1,000 per year for a subscription. That was 4 years ago since then I have studied, researched and have been able to pick stock options with just as good if not better returns that the ones in the newsletter were producing. How would I go about creating, marketing, and selling my own 4 page newsletter for subscribers?

scottparat answers:

Creating it:
a. Use Word or Publisher to create a nice layout.
B. Decide on some regular sections to include in it, such as top news, maybe industry columns (tech stock options, for example), maybe a Q & A column.
C. Write up your first one. Proofread it so the writing is professional.
D. You can email electronic copies or print and mail copies.

Marketing/selling it:
a. Make yourself known. No one will buy an expensive newsletter from just anyone. They have to feel that you’re the real deal and that your advice and tips will be worth their money. If you aren’t known in the industry (you didn’t work at a brokerage house or weren’t known at one as a power investor), you’ll have to build up a reputation for yourself. The best way I can think of is to start your newsletter as a blog, where people get the advice for free for several months and can see a track record of your skill. Or you could write articles on established blogs (find them here: ) which are already widely read. Develop a following, and then turn it into a newsletter.
B. Have a web presence whether you start via blog or not. It can be a small website, but it should be very professional looking and have at least some free advice. The website will serve as both a place where people can find you to subscribe to your newsletter and as an ongoing advertisement. You can write teaser stuff here to make people want more. The answer to the teaser stuff is always in the latest edition of your newsletter.
C. Advertise on web banner ads and in newspapers and magazines. Advertising in print media is expensive, though. You can advertise in a business/financial publication or in magazines targeted to people who go for ads that say “I got rich this way… You can, too.”
d. You want to build a brand name, so choose a good name for your newsletter and a logo.

One thing to convince people to keep subscribing is to keep a running progress report. Create a portfolio of your picks and publish its progress over time. Show how much is made or lost every month or so, or from your recommendations. If you can show you consistently outperform the market, people will subscribe.

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