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Public Domain Books Question

Jenny asks…

Could anyone publish their own edition of a book that was in the public domain?

My understanding of public domain is that the copyrights have expired and are no longer reserved for the use of a particular individual or company. The public is free to use that book anyway they want. Does that mean that any publisher or individual that wanted to reprint it in a new edition could do so without reference to anybody? Answers backed up with source material would be appreciated. Thanks.

scottparat answers:

Public domain means there is no copyright so you’re free to do whatever you want. No one owns the rights to Dracula or the works of Shakespeare, for example, so that’s why you’re likely to see hundreds of different editions out there.

William asks…

Are any of the Conan novels on public domain audio book format?

Were any of the ‘Conan’ stories ever released on audio book? And if so, would they be in the public domain now?

scottparat answers:

Yes, there are a bunch at I’ve put the link below. Hope this helps. All the best.

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