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Public Domain Clip Art Question

Nancy asks…

Is it legal to use Micro soft publisher 2003 clip art to create and sell my own newsletters?

Is the clip art public domain or are there restrictions? I want to create newsletters and sell the cd’s with their clip art.

scottparat answers:

Sure, go ahead. That’s why they provide the art. The very definition of clip art is art that is in the public domain; art that is free to use.

Carol asks…

How do you know if an illustration or graphic is public domain rather than protected by copyright?

I am interested in using pictures from old books in collage-based “altered art,” but don’t want to be unethical. If something is not yet public domain, is it ok to use as long as I use the actual image clipped from the book rather than reproducing the image?

scottparat answers:

Try looking through the book to find the source/artist/date of the image. If you aren’t sure, try researching it a bit on the interenet. Its better to be safe than sorry and I work with a LOT of historical images so I know from experience. If an image is NOT public domain, you could get into some big trouble :) If you want to message me the information, perhaps the book copyright year, name of the image, etc, I can try to look it up really quick.

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