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Public Domain Movies Question

William asks…

If a movie is public domain, is it legal for me to download it for free?

I’ve got my eye on the 1922 horror movie Nosferatu. I read that it’s in the public domain, and I’d like to have it. However, I’d really like to avoid breaking any laws. So, seeing how it’s a public domain film, is it legal for me to download the movie from a file sharing site?

scottparat answers:

It depends on what you’re downloading. The movie itself is public domain, but somebody converted a print of the movie to a digital file, and that FILE is not public domain unless the person who made it released it that way. It is perfectly legal for anyone to obtain a copy of the original film and copy it, and they then own the rights to that copy.

You have to know who owns the rights to the file.

Lizzie asks…

where is there a good place to download free public domain old movies?

I have found some sites offering free public domain movies from 1900’s to the late 40s which you can legally download for free. wondering if there are any other sites available besides the one I have listed here

scottparat answers:


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