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Public Domain Movies Question

Chris asks…

where is there a place to legally download public domain classic tv?

I would like to legally download public domain tv shows, possibly even movies that are public domain for free. is there such a place other than which is a great site. Thank you.

scottparat answers:

Try the ov guide

James asks…

Do ISPs distinguish between legal and illegal filesharing?

I use Bit Torrent to do things like download open source educational videos, Linux distributions and old public domain movies. I’m concerned that when an ISP looks at my connection, it will assume that i’m doing illegal filesharing. Do they check or is it a case of presumed guilt?

scottparat answers:

ISPs have no concern if it is legal or copyrighted, it makes zero difference to them. It is the copyright holders that care and try to get ISps to take action however they very rarely do in most countries

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