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Public Domain Movies Question

John asks…

Can any public domain film or show be broadcast on a for profit station?

I’m involved in starting a small local station, with local sports, local news and events and the like, and we’re wondering if television shows labeled public domain (example, certain early episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies) and movies (example, the original House on Haunted Hill) can be aired on a for-profit station.

scottparat answers:

If the works are in fact in the public domain (as you claim), then you (or anybody else) can do whatever you want.

Mandy asks…

Would using footage from a movie thats public domain on YouTube get you in trouble for copyright?

I’m just curious if I did a movie review using clips from a movie that’s public domain like Night Of The Living Dead for example, would I have a strike against my YouTube account?

scottparat answers:

If it’s public domain it should be fine – you could always contact the individual that posted it on YouTube to ask if they mind – I have done this and have got very positive results, mostly people are interested in knowing what you are doing with the clips and respond positively

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