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Public Domain Question

Sharon asks…

How does copyright in the UK work in relation to newspapers in the public domain?

Does the usual 70 years thing apply if it is an a newspaper article (from 1917) and already in the public domain (i.e available online).


scottparat answers:

Available online and in the public domain are two different things. The former means you have the right to read it on your computer, the latter means you can copy it and not have to worry about paying the author if you make money from its use.

But, yes an article from 1917 is in the public domain and you may copy it freely.

Sandy asks…

Where Can I Find a Good Collection of Public Domain Pictures?

I’m looking for a nice database of public domain pictures. It’s a bit hard to find one that isn’t stuffed to the gills with crappy clip art either. Does anyone know of a nice public domain picture collection out there?


scottparat answers:

Try or .

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