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Public Domain Songs Question

Chris asks…

What types of writing are under copyright and require public domain to use them without permission?

I already know stories and poems have to be published before 1923 to be considered public domain. Do speeches follow this rule as well? What about quotes and songs?

scottparat answers:

Quotes can be trademarked, not copyrighted. If you’re considering publishing your work, consult an Intellectual Property rights lawyer. Song lyrics have a different copyright expiration than books. Song titles can be trademarked, but most aren’t. If its’ not trademarked then I wouldn’t worry about it, but that’s personally what I would do.

If this is something that you’re really concerned about, consult an IP lawyer.

Maria asks…

What is the most effective way of ridding myself of a mindworm?

(Damn public domain Christmas songs)
Amputate BrokenEye? I don’t want to kill the patient,he’s been a constant companion for thirty five years and I have grown quite attached to him.

scottparat answers:

Insert a new, more tolerable one to eat it…

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