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Public Domain Video Question

Jenny asks…

When is Laurel & Hardy going to go into the public domain?

This is ridiculous because Laurel & Hardy made films back in the late 20’s and all through the 30’s and early 40’s and I think their films should be in the public domain so everybody can enjoy the classic Laurel & Hardy videos. I would like to post them on YouTube so the kids today that don’t know them can watch but last time I tried they were taken down for copyright infringement.

scottparat answers:

They are still protected by copyright.

Originally copyrights lasted for only fourteen years. But thanks to companies that have bribed Congress again and again, copyright length has been extended again and again. For films, copyrights last for 95 years. So something made in the 1920s won’t be in the public domain for a few more years, and things made in the 1930s and 1940s won’t be in the public domain for decades. You can thank your members of Congress for that, as they are the ones who accepted the bribes and changed the law.

Carol asks…

Simpsons The Simpsons Season 13 Episode 14: Tales from the Public Domain MEGAUPLOAD?

Im looking for The Simpsons Season 13 Episode 14: Tales from the Public Domain only on MEGAUPLOAD, could you help me find the Link please?

scottparat answers:

Go on to google and will find and put in videos and u will find it

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