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Public Domain Video Question

Ken asks…

How do I put a video on YouTube, without someone claiming its there’s via copyright laws?

I put up a video of me playing Mozart’s Turkish March (public domain), and it immediately got 4 copyright claims against it. I disputed them all, and as soon as I monetized it, the video immediately got another copyright dispute. They’re all invalid, because it’s ME playing a public domain piece, and they all eventually agree with me. I just have to keep disputing these claims… Any advice?

scottparat answers:

There are a lot of copyright trolls on YouTube who abuse the Content ID system to claim copyright fraudulently on works that don’t belong to them, especially recordings of public-domain music such as classical music. You have to constantly dispute them individually. If they refuse a dispute, you have to sue them. They do this because they can make money by placing ads on videos after claiming copyright, if the video creator doesn’t dispute it (many don’t, because they don’t understand copyright and they get scared). YouTube turns a blind eye to this most of the time, because it makes money with the ads, too.

James asks…

How long does it take for Video game license to expire?

Let’s say company A buys the rights to Company B’s game how long does it take before other companies can make a similar game or a sequel to it?
I know with music there is a rolling 100 year licensing rule when everything written 100 years earlier is public domain. Is there anything similar in Video Gaming Industry?

scottparat answers:

It is all copyright law, so I would imagine that the same thing stands for video games. I guess no Mario on Playstation for quite a while still.

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