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Public Domain Video Question

Maria asks…

Public domain photos of Westland Whirlwind aircraft?

I’m seeking public domain photographs of the WW2-era Westland Whirlwind fighter. The purpose is to add more photos to this page of mine:

Any ideas on where to find them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

scottparat answers:


Remember, Google is your friend, I found these in about 25 seconds.

Thomas asks…

What sort of programming libraries do professional video game programmers generally use?

I am wanting to go for a degree in computer science, and I am wondering what sort of programming libraries that video game programmers use. I know the basics of C++ and Basic Stamp (even if it hasn’t been practiced lately). If the information is public domain, what sort of libraries do they use? If so, which programming languages are they associated with?

scottparat answers:

Libraries for:

Java – OpenGL, LWJL

C/++/# – XNA, DirectX

i suggest using DirectX.

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Keyword Research Question

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Linking Twitter To Facebook Question

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