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Spinning Tops For Kids Question

Lizzie asks…

looking for the name of this movie.?

It’s like set in the 50’s or 60’s. He has this specail spinning top and he challenges all the other kids for a dual with their tops.

scottparat answers:

I agree with the above answer. ———————————-

Ken asks…

Title and Artist of Theme song for Wii Top Spin?

I was wondering if anyone knew who it was and what it is called. It’s mostly instrumental but at some parts of the song their kids singing in a chant in the song in some kind of language i dont know what. Its kind of a rock/pop kind of song! Anyone know?

scottparat answers:

“huddle formation” by The Go! Team

it took me forever to find, so hopefully this is what you were looking for, cause it bothered me too..!

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