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Spinning Tops For Sale Question

George asks…

Need advice about choosing this reining horse (UPDATED!)?

I wanna start off by asking that i recieve NO rude answers. I understand that i don’t know much, but you need to understand that we all have to start learning somewhere. And no one knows what to expect when you buy your first horse, so be considerate, please.

Ok, so in about a month, i’m going to start leasing out an Appaloosa. He is also for sale, but i am going to lease him so i can see if we get along and make a connection. I have never shown, but this appy is a great youth/rookie/nonpro wherever you wanna go kind of horse. He takes some work to get going, but i have MUCH experience in that area, as all the horses i work with are the lazy types that i have to fix XD haha anyways.

This appy is very good, he’s made the top ten at Appaloosa World show a bunch of times, and has qualified for a very “prestigious” (can’t think of another word) reining show 4 years in a row. He’s registered with ApHC. they say that anyone can show him, never misses a lead change, solid spins and that he’ll stop for anyone.Besides being almost perfect, he’s definitely not a trail horse, he’s spooky. Which i don’t mind. So that’s just some background info. they’re asking 8000 for him, but can lower it to maybe 3000 or 4000 because i work there and i’ll be boarding there so they’ll still be getting revenue from that horse staying at the current facility.

i’ve seen him in person etc, i’ve just never gotten the chance to ride him, i’m going to ask my trainer if i can sometime next week. for one, he’s most likely in my price range, and he’s almost absolutely perfect. My only problem comes with the fact that he might not be affectionate. I’m really big on have affection between myself and pets. Even so, i wouldn’t mind, i’d still give him tons of hugs and kisses and stuff, he’ll just have to deal with the fact that i love him :) hahah <3

So yeah. If you can give me any advice about whether or not this horse sounds worth it, i really appreciate it. Thank you for reading my novel! xD

***********UPDATE*******Ok, so many people think it’s sketchy that he’s priced low. Here are the reasons:
1)The owner doesn’t want to have him anymore. He gave him to the ranch so that they could sell him for him. He has many other Appaloosa’s that he shows and feels that this one would be better suited for a new reiner.
2)I would be getting him for 3-4k because i work at the barn. Meaning they consider the fact that they will still be making money off of him since i will be boarding there.
3)Yes, he’s spooky. I don’t like trail riding, so it’s not a problem for me. I’m an arena girl.
4)He’s healthy. I can assure you. I’ve worked at the ranch for over a year and have seen the horse shown many times.
5)My trainer would not have recommended this horse to me if she didn’t feel i could handle him.

I never said he won anything. He’s qualified for things, and has been in the top ten of appaloosa world shows. On the registry it says he led the nation in Non-Pro and Senior Horse.
and also, I’M NOT JUST UP AND BUYING HIM!!!! I’m LEASING him FIRST. for around 2-3 months to see if we get along well.
i was JUST at the ranch yesterday when the vet was there. you can’t promise me he’s sick if you don’t know the horse and i do!
yeah i’ve only been aruond horses for year, and you for 28, but you’ve never seen/met/heard of this horse. You can’t make judgements. I WORK AT THE RANCH. They lower the prices for people like me WHO WILL STAY BOARDED AND CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF.

the capital letters are meant to be italisized, not yelling btw :)
and also, how is he lame? Did you read anything i wrote?
I saw him show about a month ago! He got second place at NATIONALS.
with a 13 year old girl, let me add.
ok here’s the thing. Myranch is not some ranch full of assh***s who lie about the horses.
We’ve kicked out numerous people for lying about their horses in order to sell them,

scottparat answers:

OK, I personally think that people need to stop being rude to you!!!!!! They’re making assumptions about a horse they don’t know anything about, and they’ve never seen this horse in person to know what he’s like, while you have! Anyway, I like this horse. Everything seems to be in place with you, he’s healthy, he’s a good fit for you as a rider (you aren’t bothered by him spooking every once and a while). If you really truly feel like this horse is meant for you after the 2 or 3 months of leasing then I think you should get him especially since it seems like everything about him is convenient to you and he’s in your price range. I understand the whole thing with your trainer, mine is the same way – she wouldn’t put me on a horse I can’t handle, and I think it’s good to have a trainer like that, so if she believes you and this horse would be good for each other then I’d trust her. I think the fact that this horse isn’t super lovey-dovey is hilarious! Mine was the basically the exact same when I first started riding him. He had been spoiled so he’d “love on you” until you gave him a treat and then he’d just get really grabby after a ride; then if I just went to randomly say hi to him he’d acknowledge the fact that I was there but he wouldn’t be too playful or happy about the hugs and kisses stuff. Don’t worry though, after you two have bonded he’ll get closer to you and eventually just warm up to you!!! So, in conclusion, I think that after leasing him, if you think he’s a great fit for you and you enjoy his company then go ahead and buy him!! Hahahaha I just thought of something – if the shoe fits buy it, although in this case it’s if the horse fits buy it. (:

James asks…

Who Is better Papoose or Lil Wayne?

Who is better in these songs?

[Papoose]-Motherfucker I’m a monster
You wanna move a lot of work in ya hood I’ll be your sponsor
Take half or all o’ ya bread like we was partnas
Collect my money in envelopes, like I’m a mobsta
Walk through this concrete jungle like I was Kontra
Like dreadlocks I’m at the top of the roster (rasta)
Hit ‘em up and give ‘em a seizure (cesar) like I’m a barber
Come through and put in that work with the revolver
You wont, I would (wood) like tiger but aint a golfer
I dont gotta hear your album cause I’m the author
Wrote the period, the question mark, and the comma
Wrote the first, second, and the third part of the saga
Yeah I hear ‘em say they go hard, but I go harder
Yesterday, the day before, today and tomorrow
I blood sweat and tears, shit piss and saliva
Bought the pacifier, the stroller, crib, and the walker
Shine getting darker, you aint gimme a dollar
No drama
When I see you I say thats my son
Not cause you my man, cause I’m ur father
Got a lot of verses, more hooks than Tarver
Underground king like Arthur
You find me on the block deadin’ niggaz on sales, dont even bother
And your customer chose me cause mines is harder
Next time you bag up make ‘em larger, cause I robbed yaThey say text jam on you, but you gotta pop your gun right
You goin mess around and get popped you dumb hype
They guns jam up when it’s time for the gun fight
Cuz they get so nervous they cock they guns twice
What would you do if they had a plot for your life
And all you really had was a glock and one mic
Papoose, walk through they blocks with them ice
Go to they pizza shop, and stop for one slice
Get some garlic on the top and one sprite
Now thats enough time to pop if you want right?
But if you ever pull out a ox be dumb nice
Cuz I’ll stab ya whole flock with one knife
They mad cause I got more checks than air nikes
If I want it, I cops it on site
When it comes to spending money I stop at no price
I take a long time to stop spinning (spending) like the last dice

[Lil Wanye}-Oh yes I love her like Egyptian
Want a description? Her body’s sickening
I can be her prescription, I can be her physician
Sexual healing, I can be her religion
And now she’s kneeling, praying to the ceiling
I bless her as if she sneezed, must be the weather
I dress her, I am her sleeves, I am her feathers
She’s fly, flyer than you, flyer than me
I love her, she loves me too, I love her three –
Times, more than her mom, time will tell that I’m the nigga
That she should, we should, be wherever she wanna
Be on a late night, mid day, AM
Just say when, and I know I be with cavemen
But never – mind them
She’s poison and I am Michael Bivins
See I know that y’all don’t hear me – but she does, we does
What grown folk do when they had too much to drink and I think
We done had to much too drink and
Oh yes I love her like I ought to
I see you at the alter Mrs. Carter
I see you with my daughter, or son – more than one
Maybe five like the Jacksons, or John Paxson
Just don’t let ‘em fuck up the mansion, and daddy will be home
Later on, smelling like the cologne that I put on
This morn, and I hope that you smell like woman soap
And shampoo, and lotion, and perfume, and candles
And I’ma run through that pussy like a vandal, yes
I’m nasty as a Scorpio but I’m a lucky Libra
Got her wet like she’s sweating out a fever, wow
Leave her, to me and she’ll be smiling every single time
You see her – from e-ar to e-ar
I wanna be beside her when she sleep and she lay
Or we can stay awake and watch the next day
Clothes are overrated, panties are debated
Einstein – her head is the greatest

Who could it be?? i got for Papoose wat bout u??

scottparat answers:

Papoose because his punchlines are better. He should of brought out a album years ago while he had a buzz.

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