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Spinning Tops Game Question

Susan asks…

Since everyone is spinning todays game for their own twisted plots (aka Real Madrid>Barca) I have one as well?

beware Europe for Serie A is back! The race at the top of the league has been intense this year, and now Inter defeating Barcelona at Milan! I believe all those that predicted the demise of Serie A were mistaken!
you’ve been warned O.O
@Kevin K: do you ever pull the stick out of your behind O.O

scottparat answers:

Manchester United 4-0 AC Milan
Fulham 4-1 Juventus

Not Serie A my dear, only Inter are back.

Betty asks…

are top spin 4 and nascar the game 2011 region free?

i have Asian version of Xbox 360. and i wanna buy top spin 4 and nascar the game 2011 but they have to be region free. so are they region free? and how do you know?
how do u know about nascar? the game 2011

scottparat answers:

Nascar 2011 is NTSC/J (excluding china) and NTSC/U. I don’t know about Top Spin 4. You can use a program called AGBX360 to inspect your game disc and it will tell you. The only to find out if you don’t have the game is to ask unfortunately..

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