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Spinning Tops Game Question

Richard asks…

Were can I play Top Spin 3 Online Competitively, in a League or a Tour?

I would like to know if there are longer then 2 week seasons for Top Spin 3 game? I play on Xbox 360 and Rankings get a reset every 2 weeks. I would like to be able to play thru the whole season, like in real life
ATP tour? Please help.

scottparat answers:

You’re in luck. The International Top Spin Tour (ITST) — the largest Top Spin tournament host — has been in operation since 2003.

Operating virtual tennis tours across several platforms, in parallel with the real ATP and WTA Tours – with over 4,000 members worldwide – there is no tennis gaming tournament host better, or with more experience than the ITST.

The good news: It’s entirely free to join.


Michael asks…

Tennis game?

I have a HP Compaq Pressario V2000 with Windows XP and AMD Turion 64 and ATI Graphics. I was wondering if this game top spin 2 for PC worked in my PC or did it need more requirments? Did it work for your PC correctly?

Top Spin 2

scottparat answers:

What is you ATI Graphic Card it must be a high Version If It’s Pentium 4 or HIgher it will work

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