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Spinning Tops With Lights Question

Maria asks…

My computer will not turn on, my monitor senses no input, my fans aren’t spinning, but there are lights inside?

I went away from my computer for a few hours and when I come back it is off. This is the usual case (well, it’s in sleep mode, looks off). So I go to turn it back on, and nothing happens. This has never happened before to my computer which I built In December 07.

I un plug and re plug everything in (external plug ins), and try it again. On my motherboard there is a red led light and a green led display that usually says FF (thought maybe it doesn’t say that when it’s off, I dont recall). Now it reads 1.0, when you turn push the power button, then it climbs to 2.0. So there is power going to it.

Recently I tried overclocking. I followed a complete idiot’s guide of sorts I found on the web, and put my cpu speed up from 2.4 to 2.6. This was good. I went to 2.8, and I got system instability. I went back down to 2.4 and left my computer at default factory settings. I was checking temperatures and nothing ever got close to dangerous (12 degrees plus away from the “reccommend max” was the top I hit).

That was about two-three weeks ago, and since then I’ve had no problems, even played some intensive games with great performance. Then today, out of nowhere this lifelessness happens.

Could it be a bios problem? I don’t know what to do if it is, and if it isn’t…I still don’t know what to do :P

scottparat answers:

You have what’s known as a DMB (Dead Mother Board) it is burnt out and that might have lead to burning out the processor and Memory. And graphic card. That could have been caused by a spike in the power. You should always use a suppressed power socket it would have trip before burning out the computer during a power serge

Ruth asks…

iPod won’t connect to wireless?

I got a new laptop for Christmas. When I moved all my music files there were some issues in getting the music to the iPod so I restored it to the original settings and managed to get the music on. Now when I try to connect it to my wireless network it won’t join. I type in the password and the 3 bars at the top light up but beside the network name the icon just spins and spins. Also when my iPod times out and the screen goes black the connection gets lost and I have to do it all over again.

Another odd thing is sometimes when I’m playing music and I move the position of the iPod the music stops, the screen goes black, an icon spins for a second or two but then my home screen shows up and when I click the music icon it goes back to the start of the song I was playing. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it not connecting to wireless but thought it was worth mentioning.

So what’s the simplest solution to my problem of it not connecting to wireless? I leave in 2 weeks for a trip so sending it away isn’t an option and I need it ready to go for my trip (don’t have time to fight with it) so a fast solution would also be much appreciated. Thanks!
Its a 64gb iPod touch and I have no idea what jailbreaking is.

scottparat answers:

I’m no expert on these things – but it seems like your music app is crashing. Which is uncommon, as with the wireless thing.
I suggest you do a factory reset – hold down (I assume it’s an iPod touch) the function button and on/off/lock button TOGETHER for a few seconds. The screen should go black, then re-load. This should re-set all your settings and might clear it up. If not, try plugging it into iTunes and doing a restore that way. To do that you click on your iPod under “devices”, and on the ‘summary’ page there is a button saying “restore”.

I hope i could help. Good luck with getting it fixed in time, enjoy your trip!

– Katy.

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