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Spinning Tops With Lights Question

Ruth asks…

Wrote this a year ago.. I will write the turrett one soon, what do you think, will this attic do?

Sitting in the dusty attic
The dust sparkling as it flew
About in the light coming through
The one tiny window
A spinning top… a jack in the box
Would mesmerize me
I found treasures galore
In that dark dusty attic
With the sun streaming on bright
Slender stream onto the dirty wood floor….

scottparat answers:

Looking in the dusty attic
I peered through the dust for you
No light was coming through
That teeny little window
Wasn’t mesmerized by spinning tops
A jack in the box
Didn’t find treasures galore
All I found was dust and more
The whole experience wasn’t pleasing,
’cause now I’m home sick and sneezing!


Your poem was delightful and quite transporting but that dust really would get to me! Allergies! :O))))))

Maria asks…

Antec 902 top fan not spinning?

hey all,

Just bought an Antec 902, enclosing my hardware as I type.
It has 4 fans, 3 of them 120 mm in size, one sitting in the back, two in the front.
The problem is the fourth fan, the big 200 mm that sits on top of the case. All fans are connected with male molex cables to my 650 watt psu female molex cables, but the top one just will not spin. I have opened it up repeatedly, checking for any cables caught in the fan, but it is all clear. All fans have blue LED lights, and they are all on including the non-functional 200 mm one. I’ve tried repeatedly switching cables, to no avail. The panel on the back is set to top fan ON and rear fan ON. They are both set to LOW, and I have tried other settings, the rear fan will speed up or slow down, but the top fan will not budge.

Any ideas?

scottparat answers:

Check the solder points in the fan and make sure the fans main solder points are connected and there isnt a loose wire dangling. My 120 mm fan has blue led lights too i resoldered the thing and it funtions properly now its a silentx resoldering is really easy if its brushless and you can pull it out of the housing resolder it itll take like a max 30 mins if it doesnt work afterwards you can still send it back sharpen a 5 dollar solder gun and solder it

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