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Spinning Tops With String Question

Jenny asks…

What are some of your favorite gamestoys and why?

One of my favorite games is called “Battling tops” by Ideal games. This game can have from 2 to 4 players and it’s for “Ages 4 and up” In this game you wrap a string around your top and then put off the string and off it goes with another top or tops as they shoot forward into the arena and knocking each other around and the last one standing or spinning around wins. Sometimes the tops lose by literally flying out of the arena.

I like it because it is fast and to me exciting. I like the sound that the tops make and their “aggressive fighting” with each other. Also this game is like no other that I know of. And I win a lot in this game (I guess it’s helps in liking a game if you usually win).

scottparat answers:

I like playing WoW and Brawl.

William asks…

if the strings are loose on my tennis racket, what should i do?

my rackets strings are loose and it stops me from hitting with power and top spin. it also effects my serve. should i get them tightened or replaced?

scottparat answers:


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