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Website Graphics Backgrounds Question

Sandra asks…

What should I do to run better graphics on my computer?

I’ve wanted to play some MMO’s on my computer, but a lot of them have really good graphics and they slow my computer down. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4200 video card, but I found on a website I need something like a NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT. But I hear that they’re really expensive. Is there any way to run games better without spending like 300$ on something?

scottparat answers:

Use programs like gamebooster (google it) to close unnecessary background programs to free up
RAM for your MMO games. You could do that manually, but be careful of what programs you’re closing. Another way to speed up you computer would be to lower all the graphic settings in the game itself, changing the settings from default to lowest quality. Also using software such as Advanced System Optimizer (google it) to defrag hard drive space and clean your system of unwanted clutter also speeds up your computer.

Chris asks…

Does anyone know how to put a background on your myspace blog?

Whenever I try to, the background I choose just shows above or below the text, not underneath it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

scottparat answers:

Yea its really easy you can either just go to one of these websites to pick out a cool looking background or then you just go to and log in after that you go and view your profile and riteunder neth where it says _____ is in your extended network you click on the view all blog entries and then rite under your picture on the left hand size there is the word Customize click on that link and scroll down just a little bit and after that under the grey header that says PAGE HEADER you go down and select Your Own Header HTML: in the little circle next to it and in that big box you put in your code

i no this is a lot of directions but good luck! Srry if you get confused i tried to do my best (:

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