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Website Graphics Backgrounds Question

Mark asks…

Where can I find cropped images with transparent backgrounds?

I used to use websites with tons of these (mostly video game/anime characters), but I can’t find anything…
Any links to places I can find these?

scottparat answers:

You can make your own or convert images you like to size you need and remove the background with any good graphics editor:

FREE software (No Animation): (#1!! Very user friendly)
GIMPshop is available for many different operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows 98+, Linux, and Solaris:
Free VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor:
Free Web Photo Album:
Pos Free Photo Editor:

Free Photos:

Vector Images:
The Best Free Photos on the Web (Where to Find Them and What to Do With Them):
The Noun Project:


Daniel asks…

How do you have your own graphic as your youtube background?

I really need to know how to make my glitter graphics graphic to be my youtube background NOW!!!!!!!!

scottparat answers:

Go to your youtube profile and click edit channel, then click on the link “channel design” then scroll down til you see:

Advanced Design Customization
Customize your channel further by entering your own colors and styles below.

Then you’ll see a section called: Background Image (URL):
in that space put the location of the image you want it to be, if you have the photo hosted on image shak or someplace like that just enter the direct url to image that it gives you

if you don’t have it hosted anywhere you’ll need to do that or if you have your own website put it in there and just enter the url to the location

for instance mine is:

that’s what think image location url should look like if this doesn’t help and you need more instructions just let me know

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