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Website Graphics Creator Question

Ruth asks…

What is the best game engine out there for download?

I’m looking for a good game engine that i can actually run on my laptop so i can make better games then FPS-Creator games and if you do know of one can you please post a download link.My graphics card is:Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chip set Family.Thankyou

scottparat answers:

3Drad or Blitz3D .. Check my website for games I’ve made with them.

Betty asks…

Is there a good place or *free* programme to make icons?

I want to make icons, I’ve been on websites lately that call for icons to make your profile picture type thing. I’ve looked at other websites to make icons, but they’re all too difficult. Are there any free icon making websites/programme’s?

Thanks. :)

scottparat answers:


Any good graphics editor will make an Icon. Just size it correctly and save it in the correct image format.

FREE Online Photo Editors:

1) PhotoShop’s Own Online Editor:
2) FotoFlexer – The world’s most advanced online photo editor:
3) HP Creative Studio:
4) The interface looks almost identical to Photoshop (Pixir):
5)Looks similar to Photoshop, but is a little tricky to use (Splashup):

FREE software (No Animation): (Very user friendly)
GetPaint Plug-ins:
GetPaint Help File:
Pos Free Photo Editor:


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