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Website Graphics Creator Question

James asks…

How can I make a friendster layout with my own drawing?

I made a drawing of broken hearts and it was great! I want to make it my friendster layout, but how?

scottparat answers:

Here are the rules for submitting layouts to Friendster. You must have the code figured out. The hot layouts is one category available :

Submit a Layout


Are you GOOD in designing layouts, graphics or do you have an interesting layout to
share with us? Email us the codes to

Your creation will be uploaded in our website. And, if it’s your own creation, your
name/nick will be displayed as the creator of the layout ( or author of the code).
Please include the following details when you submit a layout:-

Name ( or Nick that you prefer to be displayed)
Primary mailing address
Theme of the Layout ( for exe. ‘Spiderman Layout’, ‘Hot Jennifer’ etc)

Send your codes to this email address :

( Note : Due to more and more people have been abusing (spams) the user friendly online form
for layouts submission, we have removed the online form temporarily from this page. Kindly,
send the codes to the email address stated above. Thank You. )

Susan asks…

Can somebody provide me a detailed list of the various trojans that can prove a threat to my laptop ?

Please be elaborate.
I do not need any suggestions for any anti-virus. I have my bf to do that for me.

scottparat answers:

Though there are innumerable, they can be broadly classified as :

1. Trojan Clickers
Such Trojans directs the victim machines to infected resource over the Internet where the machine can be attacked by other malwares. At times, Trojan clickers are also used to raise the hit counts or to organize a Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack on a specified website.

2. Backdoors
Back door Trojans are the most widely spread Trojans. They function as legal remote administration programs and thus are very difficult to be detected. They are launched and executed without the consent or knowledge of the user. On the execution of a specific command by the master, it opens your computer to an infected machine and starts performing actions such as launching/executing files on its own, deleting your favorite applications, displaying notifications, delete data or automatically reboot your computer.

3. PSW Trojans
PSW Trojans steal system details such as memory, disk space, operating system details, IP address, system password, online games password, and other types of passwords present on the victim machine. Such Trojans search for system files that comprise of password details and this information is sent across to the hacker or intruder from an e-mail address coded in the body of the Trojan.

4. General Trojans
General Trojans threaten data integrity or cause valuable destruction on the victim’s machine such that the computer starts malfunctioning. A few examples of general Trojans are BAT.Adduser.t, AOL.Win32.Buddy.a and SMS.SymbOS.Viver.a.

5. Trojan Downloaders
Trojan Downloaders, as the name suggests, installs new malware on the victim machine without the knowledge of the user. This Trojan comprises a list of names and locations of malwares that are to be downloaded from a specific website or any other location.

6. Trojan Proxies
When installed on a victim machine, Trojan Proxies provides access to the Internet from the victim machine to spammers. This helps the spammer in mass mailings.

7. Trojan Droppers
Trojan Droppers drop a hoax to divert the user’s attention in form of a joke, games or graphics. While the user is busy in viewing the hoax, it implants payload at a specific location and then launched. Because of its hoaxing activity it fools the anti-virus solutions that fail in detecting such viruses.

8. Rootkits
Rootkits replaces system files or libraries to gain unauthorized access to a computer. It is implanted after cracking the user level access password without the knowledge of the user of victim machine.

9. Trojan Spies
As its name suggests, it spies over the actions of the user on the victim’s machine and records every bit of the details on the PC and forwards it to the hacker. Trojan Spies collect information like screenshots, logs of active applications, keystrokes, financial and banking information.

10. ArcBombs
ArcBombs are archived files that are coded to cause system crash, slow downs or fill up hard disk with unwanted data. On being detected by an anti-virus or de-compressor, if it is tried to open, it explodes and causes massive destruction. It is very risky for servers if they get infected by ArcBombs.

11. Trojan Notifiers
Trojan Notifiers informs the creator the victim machine has been successfully infected. These Trojans send information such as open port numbers, e-mail address, IP address etc to the hacker through e-mail or through chat programs like ICQ.

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