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Website Graphics Design Question

Maria asks…

What is the difference between studying Computer Science and Information Systems?

I love Graphic Design and Website Design and programing
(tel me which one is better and has all of this)

and which can make me one of te following :-
1- Graphic Designer
2- Website Designer
3- Programmer

(sorry for bad english)

scottparat answers:

Graphic design will teach you some very, very basic web development stuff, but also hit on Typography, and Graphics software like Illustrator and InDesign and Photoshop. It generally won’t hit on web design much and is primarily aimed at Print designers.

Information Systems is more a management degree than a technical degree, there will be little program, but possibly some light coding.

Website Design probably focuses on HTML/CSS/Javascript and maybe some PHP, if you wish to do much complicated back end coding, instead look for “Web Development”.

Programmer – tends to focus on C/C++ and Java. Webapplications can be written in Java and the transition isn’t too difficult as long as you have good knowledge of Design (what makes a good design), Typography, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (or a JavaScript compatability library like JQuery and mootools).

Ruth asks…

Do you need to pay a yearly license to use photoshop on websites?

For instance if you design a website with a bought version of photoshop, does that mean you can design and publish, copyright, sell, your graphics and designs, forever or no t?

scottparat answers:

Within my limit of knowledge you are not required to pay yearly license to use photoshop. Once you brought a version of photoshop,you can use it to design and publish, copyright, sell, your graphics and designs forever.

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