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Website Graphics Design Question

John asks…

I have too many majors I want to study, how do I choose?

I have a passion for art. I really want to double major in illustration and animation.

But I also want to learn website design/ graphics design. I just desire these majors less because they’re more technical and less creative.
But I’d seriously would love to build website layouts. Is there a way I can learn this skill without it interfering with my current majors?

Or another thought is to go to college now to study animation/illustration and maybe return later to learn graphics design/website design? How would that work?

scottparat answers:

Speak to your college adviser to help with your course priorities./

Mark asks…

What is the best program to use to make a website in and why?

I am new to website design and I’m looking at making a website for the local Preschool Center. I want it to have flash incorporated into it, to make it interesting and exciting. I want the website to be bright and easy to use.

Thank you very much.

scottparat answers:

The best web design program IMO is Adobe Dreamweaver-
Here are some basic free web design tools that may be useful to you
Coffeecup tools-
If you want to create your own Flash animation, you will need Adobe Flash Professional- (BTW you don’t need to have Flash on your website for it to be “interesting and exciting”)
and a graphics editor such as Photoshop-
or Fireworks-
or a free option- Gimp-

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