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Website Graphics Design Question

Paul asks…

How much it cost to Attend The Art Institute of Philadelphia?

I am looking to register for Graphics Design Classes but their site doesn’t tell you directly how much it would cost to Attend classes and to get a Dorm room. I am looking for monthly Charges or Yearly. I’d request a information packet but I am sure they would think I am serious at this time about registering and so on and Follow up my request with a call and so on and I just want to avoid that hassle.

scottparat answers:

Look at their website, it’ll have all the info you need.

Ruth asks…

What should be the best content of web site ?

I am commerce back ground student but i don’t know anything such as Web site making formula but even don’t know any programming language and Graphics design . But yet i want a my own site . Can anyone help me out providing a good content ?

scottparat answers:

If u want your own website first learn it form a institute….or else hire a professional guy …..

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