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Website Graphics For Sale Question

Sandra asks…

What kind of job should I be looking for?

I just got my Associates degree in Computer Graphics Technology and I’ve been working in electronic sales the last four years. I think I have the necessary skills for a graphic design/animation position. I can effectively use almost any art program or solid medium, though I’m paschal to bitmaps and 2D. I also have a love of video game design, but I have no programming skill. What kind of job should I be looking for?

scottparat answers:

Go into the job websites and search for “graphic design” or “design” or “graphics” and see what comes up. Read them to see what kind of software is needed, and if you can use it, be sure it is on your resume.

Also go into your state’s unemployment website to search for the jobs that are sourced out to them to search for employees. Many places advertise there and nowhere else. Also look into whether there’s a local employment agency that deals strictly with current technology, or current artistic job searches, and register with them. Keep in their face or they’ll forget about you and not work on getting you something you will like.

Laura asks…

How do I sell my ebook on clickbank?

Can I do it without a website and how does it work anyway?

scottparat answers:

You will need a website because you will need a location where your customers can download the ebook from unless you send via email but most free email providers limit the size of attachment you can send and ebooks especially those that contain graphics will be above the quota. Also you will need a website to have your sales material which could be in the form of a sales letter and a link to your payment processor e.g. Paypal.

Pete Moore

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