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Website Graphics For Sale Question

William asks…

Im looking for a painting by Chiara Duzzi, anyone know where to find one?

I found a painting of a mermaid by Chiara Duzzi, but am unable to locate one for sale. Anyone know of any ideas?

scottparat answers:

A painting of hers, of a mermaid, is at the link below. Notice, at the right of the painting, there’s a control where you can zoom in or out on it. This doesn’t tell you where there is one for sale, but I think anybody who’s good with graphics could print you out an enlarged picture of the mermaid painting on this website.

Joseph asks…

Where can I purchase the software Paint By Numbers 2005 and Silhoouette Plus 2005 by Pegmaris of Atlanta?

I saw the sales pitch online; Pegmaris’ website gave several retailers where it could be purchased, but none of the sites listed seem to have this software. This is a small graphics program that finds the edges between colors in photos or drawings. Sometimes I make appliques for quilts, and this would be a big help.

scottparat answers:

Try this website:

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