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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Chris asks…

How to upgrade your video and graphics card?

I have a pretty old laptop and i just downloaded minecraft on it but i come up with bad video card drivers and i have researched it and i have to upgrade my video and graphics card i think i have a ATI mobility 9000 series video card. But also i don’t know whether a video card and a graphics card are the same. I have tried everything – typing in google ‘what is the upgrade for the ati mobility 9000 but it doesn’t help at all. PLEASE HELP!

scottparat answers:

There are 3 ways to upgrade your video graphics card.

If your laptop is old, you will likely only be able to do the 3rd one.

1. Go to the card manufacturer’s website and look for an update.

2. Open Device Manager (System > Device Manager) It could also be (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Device Manager) OR go to Run and type “devmgmt.msc” Without the quotes

2A. Once Open. Find your graphics card. Usually under “Display Adapters”

2B. Once you double clicked on your graphics card. Click “Driver” at the top of the next box that appears. Then click “Update Driver”

3. If neither 1 nor 2 worked or there is not an update for your card…You MUST buy a new one (Either graphics card, as some laptops can change their card, or a new laptop). There is no other way. Sorry, but that’s how they make their money.

Hope one of the first 2 work so that you do not have to buy another one.

Good luck, and have fun playing your game if it works.

Joseph asks…

How do I display many images on my web page?

I am wondering how I can display many images on my website at once. I know I could individually add them one by one with image codes, but I have hundreds of graphics and that would be to time consuming. I am wondering if there is a way to upload lots of graphics either in my web editor, dreamweaver, or through some other software that could maybe save all of the images as one file that I can put into code form in dreamweaver. Does anyone have any advice they can give me?

scottparat answers:

Upload all your photos to a photo sharing site like and use a link or embed a sideshow from there

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