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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Susan asks…

How do I display many images on my web page?

I am wondering how I can display many images on my website at once. I know I could individually add them one by one with image codes, but I have hundreds of graphics and that would be to time consuming. I am wondering if there is a way to upload lots of graphics either in my web editor, dreamweaver, or through some other software that could maybe save all of the images as one file that I can put into code form in dreamweaver. Does anyone have any advice they can give me?

scottparat answers:

Another way to do it is to put the file names into an excel file and use concatenation to add html tags, folder names, etc to the file names. Kind of hokey but it works if you don’t know php and you’re building a static page. ?°)

Mark asks…

How do u find out what type of graphics card u have?

I want to know how to find out what type of graphics card i have, without taking apart my computer. How do i do that?

scottparat answers:

RIGHT click on My Computer, select Properties, select Device Manager. Click on the + sign next to Display Adapters. The manufacturer and model of your video card will be listed.

Using device manager is a quick, easy way to find out what type of hardware you have without having to install third party software, or without having to frequent websites that can keep your information stored for their benefit.

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Public Domain Christmas Songs Question

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