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Website Graphics Not Displaying Question

Sandra asks…

Does anyone have a suspicion as to why my laptop display constantly flickers?

I have a Compaq Presario, and when it’s just starting up (or just at random times) it will flash and flicker a black screen obnoxiously for several seconds. Other than this all my graphics appear to be fine (32 bit 1024×768). Could this be a card issue? Sometimes it seems like when I gently smack the side of my monitor it gets better, but I may be imagining it.
If you need any more info I’ll be happy to give it.

scottparat answers:

Smacking the side of your monitor has nothing to do with it. The problem you have it’s most likely hardware related. Since when this started to happen? Do you play with your laptop? 3D games?

Try updating your video driver. (what kind of video card do you have?) You should be able to download the driver from the HP website, providing your laptop model number.

Nancy asks…

What does it mean if the display driver on my computer continually crashes?

Would my graphics card be broken?

scottparat answers:

Crashing does not mean that your graphics card is broken or something but it is just a term used to describe that when the driver fails to perform or there is some logic eerror, wndows stops to work, you may update your driver()from manufacturer’s website.

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